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The Woman in the Painting

When Hannah picks up a ring that had lain buried in her garden for centuries and it gives her a physical shock, she embarks on a quest to discover who had once owned it, and how they lost it. Her research leads her to a woman forgotten by history and a heart-breaking tale of love and loss. As Hannah closes in on the truth it becomes clear that someone else wants the ring, but what lengths are they prepared to go to get it?

Set in the beautiful Oxfordshire village of Islip, The Woman in the Painting is a perfect choice for fans of Lucinda Riley, Barbara Erskine and Clare Marchant.


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The ring is the key to Hannah’s future, but first she must unlock its past.

1645: A widow of nearly two years, Catherine is content with a quiet life looking after her young daughter, until she catches the eye of a wealthy Royalist. He gives her a unique, engraved ring as a talisman for good luck, but these are turbulent times, and as she is drawn into a secret relationship she finds herself pitted against his family and her own father, caught in a deadly battle of wills driven by the ambitions of men, from which no-one can emerge victorious.

2019: When Hannah finds the ring buried in her garden, she is fascinated and intrigued. Who had owned it and how had they lost it? Focused on peeling back the layers of history, Hannah doesn’t realise that a web of deceit is tightening around her. Then a series of events threaten her security and warn her that she may not be the only one interested in the ring.

The Woman in the Painting is a novel about human relationships, a heart-breaking tale of love and loss.